By using CG and XR technology, we make suggestions that will please customers.

Solution Sales Department Takayuki Uchida
Solution Sales Department Takayuki Uchida

I joined Starts Corporation in 1998 and I was in charge of advertising and opening new stores through the construction division, which specializes in land use and asset management consulting. Thereafter, I was entrusted, leased, bought, sold, and sold at real estate brokerage stores, and purchased land for sale and development in the subdivision business. Since 2019, he has participated in Last Mile Works and served as the general manager of the Solution Sales Department.

Utilizing the previous job experience to solve real estate problems

Currently, I am a manager of the Solution Sales Department. Previously, I worked for a major real estate construction company for 22 years. Utilizing my past experience, I propose solutions tailored to different real estate companies using our services.

It is rewarding to provide joy to the customers

It is very rewarding when our major customer, the real estate companies, or their extended customers are satisfied with our service. We are using CG and XR technology to provide new functions and services. For instance, customers can take a look at the in-progress architecture in VR, and they can coordinate the rooms with CG furniture so that it is easier for them to imagine what it actually feels like. It is exciting for the customers to experience a dream home before it's completed.

Cambodian-Japanese collaboration

I have been to the US and Europe several times, but I was new to Southeast Asia. I was shocked when I went to Cambodia on a business trip. Hotels and condominiums were under a construction rush; the city of Phnom Penh from the upper floors of the building seemed like a really big city. However, when you get off the ground and walk a step, it is worse than Japan 50 years ago. The gap between rich and poor is so great that some children cannot go to school. In our company, Cambodian people and Japanese people are working together hand in hand. When looking at each and every one of us playing an active role, there is a worldview that is unrelated to any country or background. I think this is the charm of LASTMILE WORKS.

An environment where you can take on challenges to your heart's content

Large companies have the good points of large companies, and I think that startups have the unique advantages of a startup company. Large companies may be more comfortable for stability oriented people, but they tend to be more restricted in general. Startup companies, on the other hand, have a high degree of freedom and have an environment where it is easy to challenge what interests them. I think that venture companies are suitable for those who want to think and act on their own rather than being instructed. LASTMILE WORKS has added a Southeast Asian perspective to it. Working environment in LASTMILE WORKS is like a wilderness that keeps expanding and is full of challenges.

A company where customers’ satisfaction becomes your own

We support the customer by developing VR in Southeast Asia, and having it used in the housing industry in Japan. LASTMILE WORKS serves as a bridge between Southeast Asia and Japan, and is building a business that allows everyone to have a win-win relationship. Any companies would say "for customers," but I'm not sure if that awareness is really sunken into every single employee. However, I believe that every member in LASTMILE WORKS has a customer-oriented mindset. We are a company where customers’ satisfaction becomes our own happiness and satisfaction.