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Production team in LASTMILE WORKS has vast variety of creators such as Web Engineer working several with Javascript framework, CG creator, or real estate professional. We have unique organizational structure and globalized human resources that are familiar with Southeast Asia.

Leveraging this organizational structure, we can develop a wide variety of websites and web applications.

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Our strength and works

  • Branding x Web Production

    Our director familiar with planning and information design will handle the thorough process of information building and corporate branding.


    Cafegroup corporate site

    We have created the corporate website and handled copyrighting of Cafegroup Co., Ltd., and their group company. Cafegroup Co., Ltd., is a company that produces advanced GC creatives.

    In order to cover the works in each group, works is displayed on both the main site and the group company site, and designed so that it can be sorted by group company or work category. Wordpress is used for CMS.

  • Building metaverse on a web browser

    By collaborating with our web engineer and CG creator, you can build a metaverse on the browser.
    Production process, starting from website system development to virtual space CG production, can be completed thoroughly.


    SoVeC Corp. "The Virtual Exhibition Platform"

    LASTMILE WORKS and SoVeC Co., Ltd., have jointly developed a platform for building virtual exhibitions on a browser, "The Virtual Exhibition Platform". SoVeC Co., Ltd., is a digital communication solutions company utilizing technology developed by Sony group.

    We have developed various functions as a Web service so that we can provide a place for meeting and communicating with new customers remotely.

  • Website creation specialized for the real estate industry

    LASTMILE WORKS has been developing various CG / VR contents specializing in the real estate industry.
    Since there are many members with the background of working in the real estate industry, we are able to provide solutions to your challenges with technology.
    In addition, by linking with the real estate management system provided by our partner companies,
    it is possible to easily manage complex real estate information and build a real estate website with a rich design.


    Renice corporate site

    We have created a corporate website for Renice Co., Ltd., a company known for their renovation. We have selected a gentle taste for their website, so that the target audience will have a sense of trust and familiarity.

    By introducing WordPress where appropriate updates are necessary and posting the VR content created by our company on the corporate site, we designed the information so that the strengths of the company can be further conveyed.

We can respond to various other requests

  • ui

    UI Design


    We will design the production line appropriately according to the purpose of the website service to be produced, and propose a design that can appeal to the target.

  • cording

    Front-end development


    We can support a wide range of applications, from simple HTML-based site construction to modern implementation utilizing JavaScript frameworks such as Vue.js.

  • analytics

    Effect measurement / Improvement


    We can analyze, propose, and implement improvement measures for the site based on the findings from tools such as Google Analytics. Monthly analysis reporting is also available.

  • vr

    VR application development


    We also produce original VR application developed in Unity and Unreal Engine. It is compatible with various devices such as head-mounted displays and mobile devices.

  • graphics

    CG production


    We can handle various CG productions centered on residential CG perspectives. It can be used as a material for pamphlets and on websites. We can also create a CG space for use on the Metaverse platform.

  • question

    Please feel free to contact us for other requests


    LASTMILE WORKS makes various proposals according to the request. It is also possible to consult before the details of request are fixed.

Our process of production

  • 1

    Hearing / Research

  • 2

    Proposals / Planning and production

  • 3

    Configuration design / RD

  • 4

    Design production / Proposal

  • 5

    Implementation / CG production

  • 6

    Test up / Debug

  • 7

    Delivery / Publication

  • 8

    Operation / Update



How much is the budget?


Price may vary depending on the content of the project. It is most likely to see from 500,000 yen for a one-page landing page and 2 to 3 million yen for a corporate site consisting of 10 to 15 pages. In addition, you may be required to pay for the content to be posted, domain, SSL certificate acquisition / renewal fee, server fee, renewal fee after site release, operation fee, etc. Please feel free to contact us for details.


How long does it take from the request to the delivery?


Delivery period may vary depending on the content of the project. For most cases you can expect about 1 month for a 1-page landing page and 3-4 months for a corporate site consisting of 10-15 pages.
*Please contact us for details as the schedule may change depending on the situation at the time of request.


How concrete do I need to set the request?


We can consult with you even if the request details are not completely settled. You can always start off from a general ideas such as "I want to solve such a problem" or "I want to make something like this". We can propose multiple production patterns for each budget after hearing, so please feel free to contact us first./p>


Do you provide services such as designing logos or shooting of photos and videos?


All are possible. Depending on the content of your request, we may work with an external partner. Please contact us for details, as the schedule and budget for shooting will vary depending on the shooting location and shooting content.


Can you provide us the original data such as design data and source code?


Yes, we can provide you the original data if necessary. In that case, please note that a separate delivery fee will be incurred. Delivery cost depends on the content of production.


Can we use subsidies or grants provided by the government or third-party?


It can be used depending on the content of your request. Please contact us for details as the conditions of use vary depending on the time of year.