Providing digital transformation support
for a corporation and promoting Digital Twin.

By using CG and xR technology, which makes invisible things visible, we provide
digital transformation support for a corporation and promote to build Digital Twin.
We are also preparing for a construction of our original virtual worlds by
hiring and nurturing talented engineers and 3DCG artists in Asia.

  • comony

    Cloud-based platform for VR development

    We are creating a mechanism in which anyone can simply share experiences and spaces, by providing a corporate Cloud-type VR development platform.

  • VR promotion business
    for social development

    This is a project for contributing to social development in developing countries using VR technology.We are promoting this business in various regions, such as Cambodia.

    VR Impact
  • terior

    DX support platform
    for the real-estate industry

    By using digital-related technology, CG and VR, as well as AI technology to visualize the invisible, we are able to propose new ways of selling, purchasing, making attractive, and living in residences.

  • Interactive content
    for the real-estate industry

    We are producing interactive content that has a strong level of customer appeal for use in sales, such as exhibitions and showrooms, etc. for the real-estate industry.

    Digital City