Heng Chulsa

I want to create a culture and environment
where employees involved in XR technology
can work comfortably and flexibly.

Country manager Heng Chulsa
Country manager Heng Chulsa

I graduated with Bachelor Degree in Teaching English as A Foreign Language from Institute of Foreign Languages, Royal University of Phnom Penh in 2003. I had worked as teacher of English, Translator/Interpreter and project manager for various NGOs back then. My passion for creative contents and entertainment had landed a job as writer and director for BBC World Service Trust in 2004. After that I have continued to involve deeply in computer modeling, animation and VFX for film and TV commercials in Cambodia, Singapore and Vietnam. VR, AR and MR are not new in other countries, but in Cambodia, it is a big deal. I am so blessed to join Lastmileworks Cambodia, I have both shared and learned a lot from the company. We have done a lot of projects for locals and international clients because we are more than ready to get your job done beyond your expectation, right here in the heart of Cambodia to the whole wide world.

Providing solutions to companies in Japan and Southeast Asia using VR technology

My name is Heng Chulsa, Country Manager for LASTMILE WORKS Cambodia. I take part in corporate branding, marketing, promotion and campaigns in Cambodia from the upstream process. Pioneering the use of VR technology in the Southeast Asian real estate market, we have provided solutions to the major real estate developers in Japan and Southeast Asia. I believe that the new technology we have cultivated can help our customers improve their business reformation and marketing framework. Through supporting the team technical aspect, we have striven to provide an environment in which young talents can be brought to their full potential. We regularly organize the opportunities to meet with students, start-up companies, and local technology-sensitive companies to share and exchange the latest ideas and technologies.

I feel the most satisfied with my work when I can provide the best

products or when I receive positive feedback from the students and children using our products There are several satisfying moments in my job. For instance, it is most satisfying when I deliver the finished product to a customer. VR technology is rapidly advancing, and we have to always keep up to date. Working with the client, hardware, or software is the same; therefore, we always have to think critically to provide the best solutions to the customers. There is an indescribable satisfaction when we are able to provide the best product through the lengthy process of consideration. Moreover, VR still is a new technology. New technology is less prevalent in Cambodia than in the developed countries; however, it makes us very happy to have our students and children experience the latest technology on our study tour. It is very precious when people experience or get inspired by new things. Being the provider of these experiences is also a great reward for me.

First 3D dome in Cambodia

The first project I joined was the 3D Dome Project. The 3D dome is not new in developed countries like Japan, but it was a first attempt in Cambodia. I still remember vividly when I assembled it with the members of the team and had customers experience them for the first time. This project attracted much attention in Cambodia and was well received by the people of Cambodia.

Construct new platforms and make new safety net

LASTMILE WORKS is Cambodia's first VR developer and the only company to offer the latest technology. We are aiming to be the No.1 tech company in Cambodia. If you are interested in various XR related technologies such as real estate, medical treatment, or entertainment, please knock on our door and don’t hesitate to join the team. Also, we are a company that values people. Just as said in our mission, constructing a new platform is the equivalent to making a new safety net. Social safety nets may not be so adequate in the developing countries, but we want to provide a culture and environment in which many employees can work comfortably.

Use XR technology to preserve important cultural assets of the country

After joining LASTMILE, I began to think more about society. Before joining the company, I just wanted to create cool 3D content. But now, as a big vision, I am thinking of using leading technologies such as VR to change the current industry. For example, Cambodia is currently experiencing a period of high growth, with many buildings being built, while tradition and culture are being lost. I would like to use XR technology to preserve these important cultural assets of the country.