What is common in Japan may not be common in Cambodia.
That is where the possibility lies.

Technical Artist Ken Taketani
Technical Artist Ken Taketani

I studied physics-based computer graphics at the University of Tsukuba. After gradusted in 2015, I joined a major game company as a technical artist. I was charge of R&D and specification development of real-time graphics. Since 2019, I joined in Lastmile-Works and have been promoting the development of the VR platform Comommy.

In charge of creative work for VR space sharing platform

I'm a technical artist; it is a hybrid of engineers and designers. Currently, I am in charge of creative check and technical direction for a VR space sharing platform “comony”. I cover a wide range of work from engineering related to comony to 3DCG production. We are also working on the research and development of procedural modeling, which may be the technology that will support our future.

A sense of fulfillment from creating services together as a company

There are three positive aspects about this job. The first is that I like XR technology, so it's fun to develop. Second is that I can work from a perspective other than Japan. I work with Cambodia and other Asian countries frequently; thus, I can interact with people from different countries. And last but not least, is the intimacy between my department and the sales department. Since I work on the same floor, I also participate in sales meetings. Participating in the sales meetings allows me to hear the customers' voices, which make me feel the strong sense of belonging. Our strong bond reminds me that we are creating services together as a company.

Toward a society where every effort is rewarded regardless of where it was born

What is common in Japan is often not in common in Cambodia. The high level of knowledge and technology that we aim for are completely different from those in Japan. I think that is due to Cambodia's historical background and not fully developed education. It may sound like a negative thing, but when we look at it positively, it means they are full of potential. Anyone can grow as long as there are educational platforms and opportunities. LASTMILE WORKS seeks to create jobs and a rewarding society all over the globe. In order to actualize that vision, we aim to provide high-quality services as our first step.

I want to create an exciting team together with people who enjoy startups

Last Mile Works is a startup company; team building in Japan has just begun. Thus, there are several things that are not fully set on the table. I would like to work with someone who enjoys the uprising, or working from scratch. For those who like XR, want to make new things, and share the same vision, please come join our team. Let's create an exciting team together.

A company that can do what you want to do with speed

Since we are a startup company, there is a sense of speed in our daily work. There is also an environment where you can do what you want to do. That is why we are seeking for people who are independent and have self autonomy. Current team members gathered among the same vision and we all like XR. I believe that you can find your satisfaction in this environment.