Keo Phearin Keo Phearin

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VR engineer Keo Phearin
VR engineer Keo Phearin

I graduated from Asia Euro University and I joined LASTMILE WORKS in the end of 2015, where I am working as a Virtual Reality (VR) Developer within almost 5years experiences with this new technology. Developing VR application that allow people to set foot in an amazing digital world which does not even exist in the real world is my passion.

Develop and implement application as a VR engineer

Hello. I’m Keo Phearin. I am working as a VR engineer in Phnom Penh as my base. I design, develop, and implement large-scale applications, and also participate in R&D-related projects in collaboration with the Japanese development team. Technology is constantly updated, so I always keep up with the latest information and use it in our everyday-work.

Can be incharge of large-scale projects in Japan and overseas

When I first joined the company, I didn't have any software skills required for VR production. Little by little I have acquired VR-related skills through carefully completing the tasks in front of me. For four years, I kept on studying VR-related skills, and now I am able to entrust large-scale projects in Japan and overseas. Thus inevitably, I made many overseas business trips and visited Tokyo. LASTMILE WORKS is a company that surely gives everyone a chance. From now on, I would like to use my experience to become a person who gives many hard-working people an opportunity to grow.

Accepting diverse cultures and values through cross-border projects

In my second year as a VR engineer, I was in charge of a large-scale project in Vietnam. At that time VR wasn't much seen in the world, and I was very worried whether it would be accepted by Vietnamese people.I am still mesmerized by the cross-border project; overcoming many difficulties such as participating in exhibitions in Ho Chi Minh and procuring VR equipment were impressive experiences. The hardest part was the international communication, such as communicating with Vietnamese companies. Adopting a new technology is already difficult by itself, but it becomes even more difficult when we must express ourselves in a non-native language. In the end, I feel that it was a very good experience for several aspects. Despite living in different countries, we are able to accept different cultures and values. That is one of the good things about LASTMILE WORKS; we are able to build an equal relationship and work toward the same goal with the companies all around the world.

Unexpected things and many projects are waiting for you!

LASTMILE WORKS is a perfect environment for anyone interested in technology and wanting to learn new skills. We have the environment that provides plenty of opportunities to experience the latest devices and learn as many VR related skills. You can grow while working hard with many colleagues who have similar goals and interests. If you join LASTMILE WORKS, many projects and unpredictable surprises will be waiting for you. People cannot grow without experiencing a change. If you want to make a big change together in Cambodia, please come join us in LASTMILE WORKS.

Dream to create a VR community in Cambodia

I have had many new experiences over the last five years. LASTMILE WORKS always offers me new opportunities; not just as a VR developer, but as an individual. Before joining the company, I never dreamed that I could make applications using the latest technology. Learning little by little every day and improving my development skills, now I have acquired the technology to deliver high-quality deliverables to customers. Moreover, there are many opportunities for overseas business trips, which broadened my horizons through precious encounters. In the future, we want to create better VR applications for the world and unlock the potential of next-generation VR technology. My dream is to create a VR community in Cambodia by utilizing the technology and experience I have cultivated so far.