Introduce yourself please.

I am Sovanntha Morm from Cambodia. Now, I am currently working as a Virtual Reality (VR) Developer and a Project Manager at LASTMILE WORKS. Before I worked here, I was a student in Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP) major in Computer Science. And Cambodia International Cooperation Institute (CICI) majored in English Literature at the same time. I have 2 years of experience in the software development and fresh experience with project manager.


What is your main duties?

As a project manager, I’m in charge of all matters which are related to the product, working with development teams, product testing teams, and communicating directly with the customer. Also, I discuss and give comments on the essential features of the product and take part in the process of estimating the user’s experience in VR to make sure that the products not only reach the index successfully, but also satisfy the customer and the end user.


What do you think about the possibility of virtual reality technology?

Virtual reality is widely associated with gaming, but some believe it could evolve into the next computing platform, affect all of our senses, and grow into a multibillion-dollar industry -- if consumers are willing to adopt it.


What kind of company do you think LASTMILE WORKS is?

LASTMILE WORKS is the only company in Cambodia which provides VR solution for Real Estate Developers and Agent for their marketing tools with new technology and hardware. It will always provide new thing for the the countries’ market. The company’s orientation is to build a strong Virtual Reality Development team, equipped with skills and techniques and can develop projects on many different platform.


What kind of things do you enjoy or feel difficult in your work?

For the first time when I had experienced Virtual Reality, I was surprised with the world that I saw in the VR mockup. Then, when I started to create such software, I have fun doing it especially with game related projects. I found myself fine with this kind of software now, but during at the early stage of developing, it’s hard to understand the work flow of it. Having a role of project manager, I had a lot of difficulties to unite everyone in the team, discussion’s issue and to convince the clients. Through many difficulties, I have learned many lessons which improve my skills and abilities that are useful to manage the next project in the future.


Please tell me your future prospects or career vision

For my destination in the future, I want to build a convenient VR software for daily life, together with LASTMILE WORKS in order to become a powerful Japanese Technology company with products that could bring convenience to our lives.


What is the difference between LASTMILE WORKS and other companies?

Most People use Virtual Reality for gaming, but in fact VR could serve not only for the entertainment but could also be educational, healthcare related and marketing. Currently, LASTMILE WORKS is catering clients from real estate and gaming industry and will eventually venture in more industries where our company’s technology could be of help.


Do you have any comments for candidates?

If you’re interested in learning new things and willing to develop the same direction as LASTMILE WORKS. We welcome you all the time.

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