Introduce yourself please.

My name is Nop Sovan. I intend to create dynamic atmosphere where young talented Cambodians can come and create and innovate and collaborate. The best place to work is where people can improve themselves and bring forward the positive contribution for the betterment of the company. I want people to be, behave and bring their best selves to work.


What is your main duties?

Hire the right talented people at the right time. I look for talented people at all the right and unconventional places. After that, I make sure to give them enough resources and helps for them to do what they are intended to do: to create the best products and deliver the magnificent experience for end users.


What do you think about the possibility of virtual reality technology?

It will change the way customers experience everything. Virtual Reality (VR) is the next level of 3D function. Think With the global success of Pokémon Go with AR technology. Virtual Reality is similar thing. It is the right idea that is waiting for the right team to make it a global phenomenon.


What kind of company do you think LASTMILE WORKS is?

LASTMILE WORKS is a company where the best and brightest can come to work. The company’s intention is to build strong and diverse team of architecture, interior designer, technology innovators from all around the globe. It’s a place where young talents can display and fulfill their ambitious.


What kind of things do you enjoy or feel difficult in your work?

Focus. The goal is to have one person focus and work on something until it finished. Normally, it’s hard because of Facebook and other things. It’s difficult to have a whole team try of focus because of the dynamic of the work place. At LASTMILE, we have a team that can focus and work together unit the goals are finalized.


Please tell me your future prospects or career vision

I am building the team that can make world-class products which will be used by people worldwide. We will build and compete in the global market. I want my team to stand a chance and win when competing with other groups from Japan, USA, Europe, and China. With our strong team, we are ready to win. Currently, we have a reasonably success at local and regional levels.


What is the difference between LASTMILE WORKS and other companies?

It’s high tech company. People seem to be able to utilize their desktops to the maximum. To compare it with iPhone analogy, some people use their phones only for call, message, and checking emails. While there are some people can utilize the function of their phones more than the others. They download all kinds of apps to enhance their performance and experience their iPhone more. There are a lot people in this kind of group working at LASTMILE.


Do you have any comments for candidates?

Never be late for the Interview. And furthermore, don’t be late when you have the job. Japanese hates it.

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