Our Vision

In this technology era, rapid revolution of technology is happening, which we had never imagined 20 years ago. We need massive calculation and graphic processing in order to gain more realistic experience, however, in this technological era we can now utilize VR contents on most electronic devices.
Now, what is the core competence for the content suppliers when the time comes?
I believe that we shall have more content creators in the future. Now that it is possible to create building design and visualize them with VR Technology.
We are looking for someone innovative, who can use VR Technology for real estate industries.
There are countless ideas we can do with VR technology. But now due to the sudden rise of the VR Industries, It’s hard to get a hold of VR designers and architectural designers for VR technology. Cambodia, on the other hand, has a lot of talented people who can create 3D designs and architectural designs for real estate industries, but since Cambodia is still growing most of them doesn’t have experience with VR technology yet.

VR industry is still developing here in Cambodia; therefore, we are still able to compete with creators in developed countries such as Japan and US. What we can do for the people of Cambodia is to demonstrate a clear path by giving chances to people who are talented with 3D design and Architectural design, to learn how we can apply Virtual Reality with real estate. We will train potential talents to compete in global field and create the role model which is going to be one of the goals for Cambodian people. We will be waiting for those young talents who desire to grow with us.