Introduce yourself please.

I’m Keo Phearin, from Cambodia and a Virtual Reality(VR) Developer. I completed English and Management from Asia Euro University and Cambodia International Cooperation Institute. I am interested in things and activities that could improve my whole being.


What is your main duties?

My main duties are creating the Virtual Reality content and finding the solution for real estate. Furthermore, I train new staffs about the company’s Virtual Reality (VR). Last but not least, I’m also a project teamleader.


What do you think about the possibility of virtual reality technology?

In my opinion, the possibility of VR technology is demonstrating product’ attributes, features, functionality. VR can make everything from people’s imagination. VR application is used in many fields, such as in the Military, architecture, Healthcare, Entrainment, and education.


What kind of company do you think LASTMILE WORKS is?

LASTMILEWORKS is a high tech company, and also 1st VR company in Cambodia. LASTMILEWORKS provides the knowledge to many Cambodian about this technology and provides employment.


What kind of things do you enjoy or feel difficult in your work?

I enjoy learning new things related to VR. Sometimes I face many problems in my developing, but I am so happy when I figure out the solution. I think that there is a solution in the problem if we persist.


Please tell me your future prospects or career vision

Be a professional VR developer in Cambodia. To create VR contents that I could share to the world.


What is the difference between LASTMILE WORKS and other companies?

There is no VR company besides LASTMILE WORKS in Cambodia yet, but there are some VR companies in other countries. LASTMILE WORKS welcomes people who want to join us and learn new things even without any experience.


Do you have any comments for candidates?

LASTMILE WORKS offers opportunities for those who has drive to improve and learn new skills. This could be your chance. Nonetheless, whichever company you take part, do your best and have an open mindset to reach your full potential.

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