2023/9/1 プレスリリース

カンボジアのNorton Universityと新講座開設に向けた産学連携のMOUを締結いたしました

弊社のカンボジア拠点であるLASTMILE WORKS (CAMBODIA) Co., Ltd.は、この度カンボジアで最も歴史のある私立大学のNorton Universityと、同大学の新講座開設に向けた産学連携のMOU(基本合意書)を締結いたしました。今後弊社と、同大学の情報メディア学部ならびに建築・都市計画学部は、産学連携の取り組みとして、主にAIやVRといった最新のテクノロジーを扱う新講座を開設いたします。


新講座の設立を通じて、インターン生の受け入れや、外部とのネットワークの構築、世界水準のテクノロジー教育を、Norton Universityの学生に向けて提供していきます。また、学生の海外研修のサポートや、共同研究、人材開発なども今後同大学と相互協力を図ることで、開発途上国での高水準の教育や、雇用機会の創出に邁進して参ります。





LASTMILE WORKS (CAMBODIA) Co., Ltd. has signed an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with Norton University, the private university in Cambodia, for industry-university collaboration to establish a new course at the university. As part of the industry-academia collaboration, our company and the university’s Computer and Media department and architecture and urbanism department will establish a new course that will mainly deal with the latest technologies such as AI and VR.


【About the new course】
Through the establishment of the new course, we will accept interns, build external networks, and provide world-class technology education to Norton University students. In addition, through mutual cooperation with Norton University, we will support students’ overseas training, joint research, and human resource development, and will strive to create high-level education and employment opportunities in developing countries.


【About Norton University】
Founded in 1996, it is the first private university in Cambodia.
Recognized by the government as the premier IT education center in Cambodia, the university offers a high level of education with the latest technology.
The university’s mission is to contribute to the social and economic development of Cambodia and to the international community through the production of competitive human resources who will contribute to the international community.