Create global services from the last mile


We are constantly recruiting employees who will work with us in the Asian region to create new platform for diversity.

We are constantly recruiting employees from Japan and South-East Asia who will work together with us to make global services.
 Please apply our company if you want to work in global, challenge at startup, work in an English-speaking environment and you are interested in our technology!


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    We are promoting development in many countries in Asia, but local people have the final responsibility.The reason for that is that we think it is only the people of that country who can change the country.Additionally, by the same token, if there is a difference of opinion internally, we value the opinions of employees who know the field environment the best. The bottoms-up approach penetrates this area too.

  • We think of a company like a team that competes on the same field.Whereas there are the basic relationships of boss and subordinate, the differences are in task (role) and risk (responsibility).We are aiming for a flat organization with strong mutual communication, in which all members of the team feel that they are working towards the same goal.

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    As long as you commit to tasks, projects, and missions with individual responsibility, there are basically no restrictions on time or place.On the contrary, while probing the potential for spatial computing, we are actively experimenting with computing in remote environments.Additionally, as the organization straddles national borders, there will be opportunities to interact with various worlds through overseas business trips and inspections.


  • Occupation

    Business Development/Product Manager/Web Engineer/VR Engineer/3DCG Creator/UI・UX Designer

  • Location

    Tokyo Office/Phnom Penh Office/Ho Chi Minh Office